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Parents & Kids

“It’s interesting how incredibly appealing this is to my 3-year-old boy. He is SO intent while watching it…what you have created is a very compelling way of communicating what IS music.”

“My 4-yr-old son was fascinated by Animusic when we saw a clip on PBS. The next time it came on, I showed my husband and he was just as fascinated as our son! They both wanted to see more!”

“We love it, especially my 6 and 4 year olds. They watch it again and again.”

“Your stuff is fantastic. Had a crowd of kids here mesmerized yesterday, and I've been glued to it myself. Our oldest (9th grade) was in awe.”


“I actually use your product to assist in teaching rhythm to my beginning piano students. There is some type of motion or movement to correspond to EVERY sound that you hear. I cannot emphasize to you how helpful that is to a 7 year old.”

“I am finding multiple applications of this wonderful collection in my lessons and curriculum. "Pipe Dream" is my absolute favorite with its imaginative, playful introduction to sound, vibration, tone, timbre, volume, tempo, string and percussion instruments, and more!"

"I'm a teacher (Elementary Ed and Art) and I'm always looking for new and different things to show my students, and your work definitely fits that description! Thanks for a great visual and audio treat !!!"


“Holy moley! You royally knocked my socks off! I'm a percussionist in jazz ensembles, along with country and rock bands, and I gotta admit, you guys are geniuses!”

“I must tell you that I am a trained musician with a degree in music education. These DVDs make me cry every time that I view them because they are so PERFECT!"

“Incredible work! I am a professional musician, composer, and teacher. These videos are "fresh" and intriguing! I am buying one for me and one for my classroom.”

Gamers & Techies

“I've played the DVD's several times each, and I promise, I'm never going to get tired of them at all! I have them running in the background when I'm working on my computer at home.”

“As an old hand in both electronic music and 3D modeling & animation, I can appreciate to what extent you folks have gone to in producing these most excellent collections.”

“I’m a computer skills teacher with rather a lot of musical training as well, and your work just blows me away.”


“Incredible. I am a pastor at a large church here in Leesburg and it kept my kids captivated for an hour. I am going to use as great video to play before children churches.”

“This is a great tool for any children’s ministry! I use it prior to service and all the kids and adult helpers sit mesmerized watching it. I can personally say no kids church should be without these DVD’s!”

"We have used both of the Animusic DVD's at our Bigstuf camps in Florida. We love it and so does everyone who comes to our camps."

Fans of all ages

“These are awesome DVDs - a treat for both ears and eyes! I believe that people of ALL ages will delight in them! Thanks again for such a wonderful gift.”

“Our four-year-old granddaughter has watched the DVDs a number of times and can't seem to get enough of them. In fact, the first words out of her mouth when she walks in our door are "Can I watch the music?"

“I thought I'd seen it all. I was wrong. There are not enough words to describe the range of emotions felt! It is truly obvious much care and meticulous effort went into the creation of these unique works. One must see these over and over just to begin understanding the complexity of detail. These are not mere music videos, they are Clean, Pure, Undiluted Art. Thank You, Forever Thank You!”

“Hi, I'm Daniel, I'm six years old. I really like your music. I think you do the best music and I really like the animation.”

“My music teacher played Animusic 1 for my class and I loved it so much that I asked my Mom and Dad to buy it for me. They bought me both of the Animusic 1 and Animusic 2 DVDs. I love them so much! I play them all the time and show them to all my friends.”

“It took my breath away..the sound the color the movement, the overall creativity and technology that you all put into this. Don't stop! I can't wait for my grandchildren to see and hear this.”

“The audio and video were super great on our entertainment center. Boy, did it put our system through its paces! I`m like 64 years old and had to hang on to my easy chair. WOW! ”