Steve Young, CNN

"I've never seen anything like it. Animusic is cutting edge and amazing!"

Alan Parsons, Producer

( Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon )

"A stunning combination of unique computer animation and bombastic electronic music – very clever stuff!"

Gary Yost, Software creator

( 3DS Max )

"Amazing!!! I'd never seen such complex and precise MIDI-driven musical events before and I knew that there was some magic at work here. Thanks for being so inspiring."

Steven Churchill, Producer

( Mind's Eye computer animation series )

"I really believe Animusic is VERY special. The technological innovations accomplished with this are very impressive. What they've done here takes our Mind's Eye 'video album' concept a big step farther, combining music and animation in such an integrated and dynamic manner. I LOVE the imagination that was put into creating the various instruments – the rendering is GREAT . . . and I TOTALLY enjoy the music."

Jon Anderson, YES

"AMAZING . . .
. . . I love Animusic's work so much. . . ."

Phil Keaggy, Master Musician

"I found the DVDs of Animusic to be both entertaining and brilliant.

Technology that is highly defined and accurate with a real sense of creativity and musicology is usually to be found in multi million dollar production budgets, but here Dave Crognale and Wayne Lytle have proven that this can be done with passion and brains and whole lot a talent.

As a musician, I was fascinated and delighted in the visual and sounds of such and great achievement.

Well done ~ you brilliant creators of Animusic!"

CJ Henderson, Author

( Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies )

"This is more than a mere gathering of clever animations. The works featured in Animusic are the first step toward an entire new entertainment field. This is a sci-fi melding of radio and film so innovative, so provocative, that the history books will refer to this collection the way they do Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or Citizen Kane."

"This is my second order . . . got one for myself and absolutely LOVE it! Now I'm getting copies for friends!"

"Today I've received the DVD! Thanx for your prompt shipping. What should I say about this DVD? I LOVE IT!!!!"

You've done a fantastic job, making this animations. I've just watched the DVD for the first time, but in the next few days there will be no other DVD in my Home Player. It's a must to watch all the solo-cams, stills and the whole instruments together.

"This is a gift for my techno-obsessed 13-yr. old son who thinks you guys are AMAZING!"

"I can't describe how wonderful Animusic is. . . . I first saw "Future Retro" on "TechTv" and I was blown away . . . the music is so pure, and clean, and when you listen to it, it sounds like a professional band is playing it."

"Your work is a masterpiece of fusing art, engineering, music and motion. I watch in utter amazement and am completely drawn into the digital environment you have created."

"I watched your 'video' tonight on Eye Drops. That was IMHO amazing. It was possibly the coolest thing I had ever seen.

I have bookmarked your site. The DVD is a must have."

"When my teen-aged grandkids viewed my previously ordered copy of the DVD with me, they confiscated my copy!"

"It's not often I ask a company to update my e-mail address in their database, but I don't want to miss out on the next bit of genius."

"I have just received my Animusic DVD and can I just say that it's the most original DVD I have in my collection. A complete breath of fresh air, and the music is cool to boot!."

"It is awesome! Saw it on PBS last night - the whole family was glued to the TV."

"I thought it was a real machine playing the drums and bells like a player piano . . . I want one."

"Just recently began seeing these on PBS and the whole family loves them, and are in AWE at the imagination of the creators! Can't wait to get the VHS tape. Also plan on sharing it with my children's band directors, hoping they will show the video in class one day. Who knows what it could inspire in the children? Thank you!"

"As a percussionist and technology buff, I am astounded and pleased with your attention to detail in your work. Kudos galore to you!"

"Add my email address so you can keep me informed of new DVD's. This is something for my 6 year old son. It is really helping fuel his fire for music as well as his creative side. After watching it he drew his version of the Drum Machine."

"The coolest thing I've ever seen is the AniMusic DVD. I first saw one track from this DVD on Tech TV and was floored, but had no idea who they were. Then a recent Keyboard magazine mentioned they have a DVD so I ran to their site and bought it. I was so impressed I bought 10 more to give to friends this Xmas."

"I, as I am sure many others, am so thoroughly impressed with this CD. I show it often to guests and friends and sit back and watch their totally amazed "stare" as it plays. Watching their "frozen" in the chair reaction is almost to the point of being funny!"

"You guys are just amazing. I continuously amaze and stun friends and family with the original DVD I got from you last year. I know that at least eight or ten folks said that they would get the DVD for themselves -- so I hope they followed through. It's a selfish hope in that, by them buying the first disc, it will go to further bankroll your efforts in producing another killer series of videos! "

"Although I have retired after thirty-seven years of teaching audio operations, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Animusic DVD with my students over the last few years since its creation. In spite of the fact that most of my students were jaded eighteen-year-olds, Animusic never failed to knock their socks off. The only aspect of their reaction that surprised me was that most of them, men and women alike, enjoyed the Aqua Harp sequence the best."

"I was so impressed with the footage on the Kansas DVD, I bought your DVD. It has become a favorite in my house. Its interesting how incredibly appealing it is to my 3-year-old boy. His favorite character is "bass man," and his favorite piece is the one with the bouncing balls. He is SO intent while watching it, and I believe this is due to the fact that what you have created is a very compelling way of communicating what IS music; thus, he learns about music in a way that he is simply not able to via any other means at this point in his life, since his hands are too small to take up any instrument meaningfully yet. So your creation represents a compelling audio-video explanation of music from the point of view that "a picture says a thousand words."

Anyway, in case you aren't as keenly aware of the impact Animusic has on a 3-yr old mind . . . there you go."

"This is the second one I have bought. I'm getting this one for a friend. Can't wait for the next one! Keep me posted."

"Excellence. Simple excellence."

"I just received the Animusic DVD and I already love it. I was fascinated with Pipe Dreams the first time I saw it, and now that I've seen the entire DVD I'm even more impressed. I can't wait for the new DVD."

"My first copy arrived today, and now my wife wants another one as a gift for her sound design teacher at the college."

"I own the Animusic DVD and I think what you have done is totally awesome. My compliments to the composer, your musical scores are spectacular. I would like to make a suggestion for your consideration. I really think a MARCHING BAND theme, with horns and drums, would make a cool animation. I'm looking forward to what you will come out with next. "

"I have been a fan of Mannheim Steamroller for years, and recently was turned on to Trans Siberian Orchestra. Then, the other night, I turned on my local PBS television station. The normal programming must have finished early as they sometimes do and what did I see but one of your Animusic clips playing. That very night I ordered your DVD. Your music is like Mannheim Steamroller but on a whole new level. I am utterly blown away by the awesome tunes and incredible animation, and they even work together quite seamlessly."

"Keep them coming! We loved the clear, natural, interesting commentary, and were excited to hear how your thinking echoed our own – neat to feel we understood where you were coming from."

"You said to let you know how we like it. We think it's fantastic! We own a copy already, and are giving it to our musical nieces and nephew this Christmas. Thanks for a cool, wholesome product! We love how you've merged graphics w/music in a fascinating way. (My husband is a musician and my brother a graphic designer. We can all appreciated your efforts.)"

"Just wanted to drop you folks a note saying how much I enjoy the presentation on your DVD. I have shown it to dozens of people, hopefully generated some sales for you, and everybody is very much impressed with the work you have done."

"The music and videos are the most innovative product I have seen in a very long time. Please do more."

"I watched a piece of the animation on PBS a few minutes ago. Wow!! Absolutely stunning, man. Completely blew me away. At first I thought, Blue Man Group? Euphoria? Genius? After I heard it was Animusic I skipped on the site and figured I should buy myself a copy and enjoy."

"A quick note to say that I am watching/listening to your fantastic DVD again tonight, must be the 15th time or so since I got it back in September and man, Wayne . . . its just a intriguing to watch and enjoy as though it was the first viewing."

" I loved what I saw on TV. I am really looking forward to enjoying this video. This is what I call "a work of art!"

"The copy I gave to my brother-in-law, is playing in-loop mode every Sunday on a large screen in his basement during an open-house, as he is trying to sell his house. I told him this may not help him since people might remember the Animusic rather than his house!!"

"These videos are amazing, and thanks so much to the computer engineers and programmers that put these together."

"Hi, I'm Daniel, I'm six years old. I really like your music. I think you do the best music and I really like the animation."

"I first saw "Pipe Dream" on ifilm. I was amazed. I watched it over and over. I just recently viewed "Aqua Harp" & "Future Retro" with the same amazement. I think what you do is wonderful. Excellent compositions, both visually and musically. Please, keep up the good work."

"Absolutely brilliant! Very well done. A masterpiece of music and animation. This is a 'must see'. . . . "

"Absolutely incredible! Brilliant piece of animation, with a wonderfully hip musical score."

"I was (and still am) speechless. . . . "

"Extremely creative and extraordinarily beautiful. I thank the creators of this for sharing their inspiring visions and sense of good, wholesome entertainment with the world. An impressive piece of work!"

"As a piece of entertainment this is amazing but when you read how it is done – playing animations from MIDI – it's mind blowing."

"It is easy, in this jaded world we live in, to simply accept amazing animation as being commonplace. I can not say enough to convey how impressed I am by this. "

"I was introduced to your website during one of my Master's classes in technology (I am a teacher) and was blown away by your (no words to describe it) previews and I purchased one right then and there."

"Just plain cool."

"Astounding, musically and visually. I will watch and listen to the DVD many, many times. And then some more."

"My friend Sarah first introduced me to your music last year. After having "borrowed" her DVD for an embarrassingly large number of times, I'm finally buying my own."

"Your concept is so refreshing. Your pursuit shows terrific commitment. I love to see people realizing their dreams!"

"I had been viewing the Animusic album via ifilm and finally got the DVD so I can view my favorite "Acoustic Curves" without firing up the computer. . . .

"So much more detail, such rich sound. . . ."

"These are GREAT! I have given one to almost everyone I know. This is my second order and there may be more!!"


"Just caught your collection on Maryland Public TV. I was both stunned and thrilled! I've been a rocker for about 45 years. Also, I've done real-time and multi-processor computer systems for 40 years. Even tried my hand at CG a couple times (laughing here). You have achieved an amazing, delectable whole. I surely hope the muse strikes you guys again soon. This is indeed high art. Thanks, thank you very much. My order is in your hopper. . . ."

"Enthused about making it a gift for a talented twelve year old who plays piano and cello. Thanks for opportunity."

"Keep up the great work, very ingenious if I must say so. Very Ingenious!"

"I bought your DVD a few months ago and it's absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread."

"Ever since my friend showed me this amazing "thing" for his graphics card, I've been under the spell of your DVD. My friend quickly bought a copy which provided multiple half hours of entertainment. After leaving highschool, and going to Connecticut College, it because quickly apparent that I wasn't going to be able to live without a copy of my own. Since ordering one for myself, I've shown it (or at least Pipe Dream) to countless people, who generally go through two stages: They start of giggling, like a child does when he sees something he likes but cannot express what he's feeling. Upon the entrance of the Banjo, they usually fall dead silent until the end of the piece. Basically what I'm trying to say is that this DVD is truly amazing. Everyone who has seen it has loved it."

"Fabulous, exciting. It's such a nice thing to listen to and to watch at. And still I think I didn't express myself well enough because there are no words to express the sensation your music triggers."

"I was absolutely awestruck when I saw this and knew I had to have it right away . . . never seen anything like it. I'm a professional musician and appreciate all types of music."

"This DVD is unbelievable! Every person that has seen it is totally blown away. Expect lots more orders soon!"

"I have the DVD and have sent two to friends. A genuine masterpiece of art and technology."

"I just have to say that I've recently received your DVD and it is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing DVDs I have ever seen! I was originally shown the Pipe Dream clip by a friend of mine and I have shown that clip to a lot of people. Every person that has seen it (and these are people from both musical and non musical backgrounds) was totally blown away."

"I was channel surfing when I caught a portion of the "Aqua Harps" on television. I was so fascinated!!! I started yelling at my Husband to come watch it the beautiful music and graphics I found indescribable. He was as speechless as I was. We proceeded to purchase the DVD. We were both glued to the screen and enjoyed each and every selection."

"Absolutely AWESOME! It gives me goose bumps every time I see the videos."

"I cannot tell you how many hours we've been mesmerized by the tape. Our whole family, young and old, love it! Will you email me if you make a new one?"

"I just love your video. I've watched it over and over again. It's great. I first caught a glimpse of it on public television. I got on the Internet and ordered it on Saturday and got it on Monday. Great service!"

"I purchased a number of the DVDs and CDs and gave them for Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit!!!"

"I could go on and on about how much I love your 1st DVD. I can only say it's ONE OF THE GREATEST MUSIC EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE. Being in my 50's, I have had many concert experiences and feel qualified to judge the quality and content of your work." Your work ranks right up there with Alan Parsons, ELO, Yes and Pink Floyd."

"In a few words, amazing, entertaining, amusing, educational. Yep. I said 'Educational.' My 3 year old caught Pipe Dream with me on our local PBS station and I think she really understood that each sound was produced by a different piece of equipment. Watching her face change as her mind worked while she took in your artwork was pure joy! Thank you!"

"Just wanted you to know that we love it! I bought it for my husband's birthday, but our 13-year old son really likes the DVD also. What a creative concept! Thanks & we'll definitely be purchasing more for future gifts for family and friends."

"This is my 2nd order. I'm ordering for a friend. Great stuff! Can't wait for the next DVD!"

"It's amazing! Everything about it is unique. It's a DVD you'll talk about and show your friends!"

"I received my DVD and CD the very next day. Thank you for such fast shipment. I played the DVD first and was completely blown away. FANTASTIC!!!"

"I teach band, and my middle school kids absolutely love your DVD."

"This is the most inventive musical and visual performance since Blue Man Group, Blast, or Stomp!! I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to share it with my students. The sounds are so accurately depicted in the video. It will allow me to teach students high and low, timbre, loud and soft, melody and harmony, orchestration, rhythm, the list goes on. All these concepts can not only be heard in a highly interesting format, but also seen, adding to the arsenal of teaching methods. The more ways we involve the various learning styles (visual, aural, kinesthetic), the more effective our teaching."

"I just received your DVD and my first impression is: WOW!!!! This is an extraordinary combination of musical excellence and incredible mastery of technology. Thank you for sharing it with the world."

"You have produced a wonderful DVD. It has become a favorite of our two year old. We watch it at least once a day. I am amazed at all the details you have included. This is incredible. Please work quickly on the next one . . . we are eagerly anticipating it's release."

"Your DVD is just incredible. I can watch it over and over and anyone I show it to feels the same way. The music alone is excellent let alone adding the graphics to it. Highly recommend it to everyone. "

"Thank you for sharing . . . and I want you to know that I will be buying all and everything that you make. I also plan to share your productions and products with my extended family as gifts."

"Simply exquisite, that's how we describe the work Animusic. We have ordered more; one for a musician friend who was riveted when she saw our copy; another for friends who have a small child, all three of whom, we know, will be likewise enchanted. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gift of such beauty. If you are able, please notify us in the event of a subsequent work."

"I hope you are all hard at work twenty hours a day, coming up with new ideas . . . this is some of the most interesting stuff I've witnessed in years. First I hope you will be releasing new material, and when you do I hope I find out about it so I can buy it. Thanks for the really cool stuff."

"It's an absolute wonder to me . . . I have seen aqua harp twice on public broadcasting, and I am amazed . . . truly amazed at the beauty of it."

"After seeing your DVD i must admit that you guys are in a class of your own. This stuff is super and is easily watched over and over again. Thank you for the experience and hope to see more in the future. Thanks again for the wonderful animation."

"I saw your animations on a local TV station here in Arizona, and I absolutely fell in love with this work! I play instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar, piano) and after watching this I was so appreciative. First time I saw it I was watching it with a friend, they said it was completely insane and bizarre, but I find it extraordinarily brilliant and fabulous for us music (and computer) geeks. I just wanted to tell you to keep up they terrific work!!"

"I have just received a copy of your CD and words fail me !! I have never experienced anything like it! The attention to detail in the instruments and the animation is absolutely amazing. I am particularly impressed with the accurate synchronization of the movements with the music. I can't wait to let some of my musician friends see it. I shall watch your web site with anticipation, for the next release."

"This video is awesome! The animation is wonderful and the music composition is out of this world. Thank you for shipping our order so promptly."

"Wow!!!!!!!!! There comes a time in everyone's life when something will boggle the mind and have a jaw-dropping affect. This happened to us when we watched our video. We first saw an excerpt on TV, went to the web-site and were happy to see that we could order the video. I liked the bouncy balls the best and the last instrumental was a little hard on the ears. If there were enough words in the English language to describe this video, it would include awesome, brilliant, breathtaking and don't forget "it blows you away"."