8. Heavy Light

The closing Finale: Set atop an ancient mountain-top monument on a planet far from here...
A massive stone grid comes alive with plasma-emitting satellite dishes, lasers, and percussion rings.
We could say the music was out of this world, but it actually may just be from the 80's.

8. Heavy Light clip 8. Heavy Light clip

DVD Special Feature

Set construction & close-ups

Set Construction: Each of the hundreds of stones and instrument components is inserted in its place. Then the sky evolves over four different versions, ending with the final image used in the animation (that sky is also used on the DVD printed insert.)

Close-ups: Wayne Lytle's favorite section of Heavy Light is seen from cameras showing some extreme close-ups of the instruments as they play. As these models were never intended to be viewed from this close, you get a “behind-the-scenes” peek at their structure.

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