TV News Shows and PBS Feature Animusic

Watch the interview segment from the
Fox station in San Diego.
(Runs appx 4 min. 30 secs)

January 24, 2007

From Honolulu to Boston to Miami, the word is spreading about Animusic. Anchor Marc Bailey from Fox News in San Diego exclaimed, " that stuff is incredible!"

Local TV news programs all across the country ran stories about Animusic last month. Director Wayne Lytle appeared live via satellite on shows airing in Detroit, San Diego, Denver and about a dozen other cities.

Over 30 more stations aired segments without a live interview in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. The stations all ran clips from the DVDs, featuring pieces such as Starship Groove and Pipe Dream.

"It was great to have so many stations talking about Animusic during the holiday season," says Wayne. "One of our goals is to touch as many people as possible with Animusic, and these TV appearances introduced Animusic to many people for the first time."

Most of the TV anchors wanted to know how Wayne got started doing computer animated music, so he got to answer that question about a dozen times. Although each time he answered with a different section of the picture, in summary: Wayne started out beating on toy pianos with drum sticks at a young age, drawing flipbook animations in his textbooks in school; wrote his first computer program on punch cards; drew pictures of computers and synths connected with wires before MIDI was invented; created his first computer animations by shooting stills on a monochrome screen with a Super-8 movie camera; played piano, drums, keyboards; studied classical piano and computer science in college, and played in progressive rock bands. But his dream was to combine his passions for music, programming, and animation, and the result is Animusic.

Terrel Cass (left) of PBS station WLIW
interviews Wayne during a pledge break.

Elsewhere on TV, over 70 local PBS stations ran Animusic pledge shows during December, featuring material from the Animusic DVDs and in-studio interviews with Wayne.

There have been three different PBS pledge programs: the first one featured Animusic 1 animations, the second one featured Animusic 2 animations, and the third "Best of" showcased animations from both DVDs. In the third one we included behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with both Wayne and Dave, these segments can be seen on our YouTube channel where they're called "Creating the Animusic DVDs".

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