Animusic Rocks the House at Rockbox Theater

It's Saturday night in Fredericksburg, Texas, a popular tourist destination west of San Antonio and Austin. Some 400 people file in and fill the newly built, and well-equipped, Rockbox Theater, where they will soon enjoy a musical variety show that covers 60 years of popular American music.

It's a completely family-friendly affair, with audiences that often span three or four generations. But before the show begins , there's an opening act - Animusic.

The virtual bands seen in Starship Groove, Pogo Sticks, and Pipe Dream wow the crowds as the real-life musicians tune up and prepare to perform.

Rockbox founder-performer Russ Hearn loves to play Animusic for his audiences, either before the show or at the intermission. And he offers the Animusic DVDs for sale after the show is over.

"Our audience comes to enjoy music and it's great to send them off with the Animusic DVDs so they can enjoy the fascinating music and visuals at home."

Hearn is a long-time guitar-player and he also sings. And he dresses up in funny costumes for comedy bits they do in between musical numbers. But he's serious about giving people a good show, and the Rockbox performers do just that four nights a week.

When he first saw Animusic, Hearn said his jaw dropped. "I was completely amazed at the creativity and production values." He sees similar reactions at the Rockbox, and says that beyond being fun, Animusic really helps kids understand music and even inspires them to play an instrument.

Learn more about the Rockbox Theater and see performance video clips at their website.


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