Animusic 2 DVD Announced in Japan


DVD case

We are very pleased to announce that we've signed a distribution deal with a partner in Japan.
Jorudan, Co. Ltd. will be the exclusive retail distributor for the Animusic 2 DVD in the Japanese territory.

This localized version of the DVD, currently nearing completion, has fully translated menus, Japanese subtitles for the Director's Commentary, and translations of all other text on the DVD. Jorudan has reworked the DVD case artwork to appeal to the Japanese market, and we are very pleased with the results.

Jorudan has scheduled a rollout press conference in Tokyo in February 2008. Director Wayne Lytle and Business Development Partner Greg Flores will join Jorudan President & CEO, Toshikazu Sato and Deputy Manager, Patrick Kim for the presentation. The retail release is set for March of 2008.

"Expanding our international distribution, especially in Japan, has been on our radar since the beginning, but until Jorudan approached us, we just hadn't found the right partner,"says Animusic Director Wayne Lytle. "Upon meeting with CEO Toshikazu Sato and Pactrick Kim, their contagious enthusiasm made it clear that our wait was over. Jorudan is working at a level of intensity and organization that is inspiring. I can't wait to see the results when the DVD comes to market."

Jorudan runs businesses in many areas of technology and multi-media, including mobile applications, game development, DVD distribution, and terrestrial television to name a few. They are perhaps most well-known in Japan for their ubiquitous train scheduling software for mobile devices. Called "Norrikai-Annai", this immensely popular mobile application keeps track of hundreds of trains in real time so people can find the right train at the right time. Trains are the vital arteries of transportation in Japan and Jorudan's mobile software is used by millions of Japanese commuters on a daily basis. Jorudan plans to utilize that visibility to introduce the nation to Animusic.

"We are very excited about breaking into the Japanese market with such a great partner," says Greg Flores, Animusic Business Development. "Jorudan's professionalism and expertise is outstanding and besides that, they're just great to work with."

For more information about this or other potential International opportunities, please e-mail Greg Flores at international [at]

On November 21, 2007, Jorudan issued their Japanese press release (PowerPoint format), and also introduced the Japanese Animusic website