Animusic 2 DVD – details

DVD Menu Structure  –  (4-page fold-out)
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DVD Highlights:

Bonus Features:

We went a little over the top with features on this DVD. For example, the Starship Groove animation was rendered in Fullscreen, Widescreen, and 3 other camera views for the multi-angle bonus, for a total of 5 full-length versions. This adds up to over 20 minutes of footage just for that 4 minute music animation!

It's even more extreme with Fiber Bundles which includes 4 full additional views for 6 versions and 4 more stereo mix soundtracks. We hope you enjoy all the extras!

Multi-Angle Feature

On Animusic 2, the angle button is used in various ways:

Starship Groove switches between 3 different cameras – each tracking an individual player...

Fiber Bundles allows solo'ing and muting instrument groups (both video and audio)...
...with a pretty trippy hieroglyphic menu.

DVD Specs:

DVD Track List: