Wayne Lytle Bio

Wayne Lytle is the founder and majority owner of Animusic LLC, a 3D animation company that produces animated music content. He directs all production, including creation of music, animation, and software tools.


Wayne first got the vision to produce this unique genre of content when he was an undergraduate music and computer science student in 1982, before the necessary technology was available. A long-time musician, Wayne played keyboards in instrumental progressive rock bands in high school and college, composing most of the music. He studied classical piano performance as an undergrad before switching over to computer science.

After completing graduate work at Cornell University's Program of Computer Graphics in 1988, Wayne joined the Cornell Theory Center as a scientific visualization producer. Applying data-driven techniques to visualizing scientific data lead to experiments in visualizing musical data.

In 1989 he utilized technologies from music synthesis, computer graphics animation, and video to produce early music animation experiments. His pioneering music animation "More Bells and Whistles" (1990) was televised in the US and abroad. Wayne has received various awards for both scientific and music animation.

Animusic was founded in 1995, initially under the name Visual Music. Animusic released its first DVD video album in late 2001, and the Special Edition in 2004.

Wayne lives with his wife and two children in beautiful Central New York State.


Music Animation:

  • 2005: Animusic 2 DVD
  • 2004: Animusic 1 Special Edition (DVD)
  • 2001: Animusic 1 (DVD/VHS/CD)
  • 1995: Beyond the Walls / Concerto in 3D
  • 1990: More Bells and Whistles

Feature Films (visual effects work):

  • What Dreams May Come
  • Starship Troopers

Siggraph Electronic Theater animations:

  • Siggraph 1989: Visualization of Simulated Treatment of an Occular Tumor
  • Siggraph 1990: More Bells and Whistles
  • Siggraph 1991: Gravity on Phobos
  • Siggraph 1992: Does this Pulsar have Orbiting planets?
  • Siggraph 1993: The Dangers of Glitziness and Other Visualization Faux Pas
  • Siggraph 2001: Pipe Dream, from the video album