Hello friends!

Just yesterday, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion of our next DVD release.

The first thing you'll find there is a 6-minute video revealing where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing and the current status of the next release.


The video includes interview clips with Wayne and Dave in their natural habitats as well as new imagery and music related to ANIMUSIC 3. Our hope is that it will give you some insight into our journey and the road ahead.

Many of you have been wondering about the status of ANIMUSIC 3 for quite a while now, while (mostly) patiently encouraging or nudging us along. Well, as explained in our Kickstarter video (with much hand waving and musical accompaniment), we have returned from a very long side-excursion: Rebuilding our entire software production system!

Our goal was to reduce production time for each DVD from 3 years to 1 year. Admittedly, this was a monumental and wildly ambitious undertaking -- but we now have an in-house music animation production system that is probably fairly unique to our solar system. Alas, this endeavor came with a hefty price tag; we’ve depleted all of our financial resources.

Fortunately, during this time there was a lot more going on than just software geekiness. Art Development was motoring right along, the fruit of which includes hundreds of graphical instrument components, robot parts, stage hardware, and prototypes. And most recently, Wayne produced an album of over 50 minutes of music. In aggregate all of this gives us a vast array of elements to draw on for ANIMUSIC 3, ANIMUSIC 4, and who knows what else...

We are absolutely adamant about bringing you ANIMUSIC 3, but in order to reach the point where ANIMUSIC 3 is playing on your TV (or viewer of your choice), we could really use your help...

What is Kickstarter anyway?

At the most basic level, it provides a mechanism to pre-order a product significantly before completion. Kickstarter has been growing quickly and has spawned a number of news stories (often about small companies being supported way beyond their expectations by people who enthusiastically believed in what they were making).

By pledging as little as $1, one can "back" a creative project. A typical pledge amount is around the price of the product, but can climb to exorbitant sums. In return they receive a specific "reward" for their level of support when the project is finished (or before, for certain items).

The risk for us is this: if a project doesn’t reach its stated funding goal within time allotment (e.g. 30 days), it is considered "unfunded". (Nobody's credit card is charged, and we get no funding).

But on the bright side, once the funding target is reached, there's no limit on how far it can be exceeded. It's not unheard of for a project to hit its funding target within the first few days, then climb to multiples of that by the end of the campaign.

So how will this all fare with ANIMUSIC? Well, that's where we're hoping you come in. Please help us to fire up our new magical factory and breathe musical life into these robots and instrument parts lying all over our digital workbenches!

"How can I help?"

...you ask (Well, we're really hoping you're asking!)...

  • Check out our Kickstarter Project Page
  • Watch the video
  • Become a "Backer" (that even sounds cool -- when you say it or text it!)
  • Tell your friends (if they're all online, you all need to get outside more)
  • Post, Tweet, or beam a communication to the Mother Ship
  • Let us know that even though ANIMUSIC 3 is taking a long time, you're still cheering us on!

Thank you very much
for your encouragement
and enthusiasm!

Wayne, Dave, Greg,
and our friends and families


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