Hello once again,

Our ANIMUSIC 3 Kickstarter campaign is moving right along (80% of $200,000 goal, 1 week left)...awesome! We're getting close, thanks to all you backers and happy noise-makers!

Now if we don't reach $200,000, we get NO funding. But we will get there! More details below, but first...


A New Tune

We just released a single: Glarpedge (which can hardly wait to be animated!).  It's one of 12 pieces on Wayne's upcoming CD Album The Sound of 12 (the "soul of ANIMUSIC 3"). He really wanted to release a free one before the CD was fully mastered. So if you'd like, have a listen...download and share all you'd like.


ANIMUSIC 3 Blu-ray

WOW! There's been some noise from people wanting ANIMUSIC 3 in HD (Blu-ray).  So considering the many requests, appeals, questions and pleas, we put our heads together to come up with what we hope is both logistically straight-forward and makes everyone happy...

In any Kickstarter reward package
when you see

read it as
"ANIMUSIC 3 (DVD or Blu-ray) -- your choice"

No need to notify us of your choice yet. Even if you backed us before this option was available, were still considering it, or were holding out for a Blu-ray option...no problem! You'll have a chance to specify your desired disc format (DVD or Blu-ray) when you receive the post-funding survey. (We say that, having faith that it will be successfully funded!).

So, for those backers preferring Blu-ray, we humbly request 2 things:

  • 4 months - Rendering for HD adds significant time to the production process, and we're determined to not change the shipping date of the ANIMUSIC 3 DVD (which remains Oct 2013).  So for the Blu-ray: Feb 2014.

  • $5 extra - A Blu-ray costs more than a DVD both to author and manufacture, so if you feel moved to increase your pledge by $5 or $10, great. But if you decide to just take a free upgrade, you certainly may -- no need to feel bad about pledging the stated amount. We'll be tickled just to get rolling on production, and you will have helped that happen!  But we really do appreciate the extra boost some folks have given us by adding $20, $50, or more to their pledge (for no particular reason other than to help us along).  Very nice!

Kickstarter Campaign "Details"

We have 7 days left in the 30-day campaign (Sept 5th is it).  We've raised over $160,000 of our $200,000 funding target, so we're on the home stretch.  We really do believe we will hit it!  For anyone who's a little concerned... please don't worry or stress on our behalf!  Feel free to pray, nudge your friends, post, blog, etc... but no worrying!  We'll have none of that! :-)

Here's a chart (charts are fun):

ANIMUSIC 3 (DVD) -- Kicktraq Mini

Thank you again for all of your fantastic support, encouragement, and insightful suggestions...Good stuff!

Wayne, Dave, Greg

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