Hello again friends!

What's this - another ANIMUSIC newsletter so soon?? We must be trying to make up for lost time.

While that's certainly part of it, we also just wanted to give you all a quick update on how the Kickstarter campaign for ANIMUSIC 3 is going.


Status Report

We're almost half way through the campaign and the current total is around $105,000 or 52% of the way to our $200,000 goal. This milestone is made possible by the over 1,700 of you who have become backers of our ANIMUSIC 3 project so far.

While this is great progress, we still have a ways to go as some of you number crunchers out there have aptly pointed out (especially if we want to hit some possible stretch goals - like the HD Blu-ray).

Battle Plan

In order to get this project to the goal and beyond, we need the ANIMUSIC Army to mobilize. This is a bold call to action. As I (Dave) said in the Kickstarter video, this is bigger than just the project and the company, it's also about making a difference in people's lives through music, art and technology. That's a major part of this story. So let's show and tell the world how ANIMUSIC has impacted you and your family's lives.

  • Put your stories on Facebook, Twitter and/or Kickstarter (or send us your stories - in a reply to this email).
    • Some good examples can be found in our Kickstarter comments section. In particular by backers: Liz Rosselle and Ian Anderson.
    • Also, see Floyd Hudson's excellent post on our Facebook wall which sums up what "Facebookers" specifically can do to help.

  • Create a short video of you (or your kids, grandkids, grandparents, etc) talking about ANIMUSIC's influence and effect, or just what you like about it (Get creative, silly, serious or whatever). Put it on YouTube or Vimeo and send us a link.

We would like to collect some highlights from the above efforts and create an "ANImaniacs-driven" project update/section on Kickstarter. Go tell it on the mountain!

Gratitude beamed your way

Last, but not least, we are deeply touched and encouraged by the generosity of those who have thus far backed our project, left cool comments, and helped spread the word.

Seeing the long list of real people, who have given what they can, is truly impacting to me personally.

Thank you,

-Dave Crognale
The ANIMUSIC "Art Dept"

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