The Blu-ray is here !

If you've enjoyed the animations from Animusic 2
we think you'll love this new release!

All eight animations from the Animusic 2 DVD, plus Pipe Dream from Animusic 1 …re-rendered in full HD (1080i) -- the way it was always meant to be seen! Viewing this Blu-ray on a large HD screen is really an experience.

Our primary focus was, of course, on getting the nine featured music animations as close to perfect as we possibly could…but…

Let's not forget the Bonus Material – Hey, you gotta have it! (No really…you do). We've got interviews, slide shows, set construction shorts, some Animusic 1 SD animations encoded at super high bit-rate, etc.

Check out more info on our site …
… added to the online store just hours ago!

What about Animusic 3 ?

A3 Image A3 Image A3 Image

You may be wondering if we've forgotten to make Animusic 3, and it may seem that way. But even though producing new animations remains our highest priority, it does sometimes find itself being "the next thing" on our queue when something "more urgent" wants our attention. So, yes — progress certainly continues. Admittedly in a somewhat discontinuous fashion.

We'd better not try to guess at a completion date (we've never been right so far). Our desire is to get some new material out soon, even if only a snippet or two uploaded to YouTube and/or beamed out to our favorite PBS stations (which continue to play our stuff…thanks PBS!).

Over the past 3 years, our entire production approach has morphed. Virtual instruments are now built by "snapping together" interchangeable parts, like virtual LEGO®. Dave has modeled a few hundred such parts and we've built dozens of contraptions. And we're working approaches to lighting which are significantly different from how we've done it previously.

Our in-house production system, ANIMUSIC|Studio, really has become enjoyable to work with! Although we do sometimes wonder whether it was really worth the 5 years of development!

We sure hope so. But it's brought us a little bit close to the edge. For ANIMUSIC|Studio to prove to be more than just a very expensive hobby, our productivity must increase dramatically. Here comes the drama.

So, a very sincere thank you to everyone who's supported us all this time… thru encouraging emails, letters and drawings (we put a lot of them up on our walls), spreading the word about Animusic and buying our stuff (for yourselves, then friends, family, co-workers … some of you deserve sales awards!).

You've played a vital role in keeping us going … not just financially, but inspirationally. Without you, we wouldn’t – and couldn’t – be doing this!

– Wayne, Dave, Greg


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